Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

Developing academically proficient students who are morally, spiritually, physically, and socially empowered.

Our Philosopy

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School values a close relationship with God by creating an awareness of God in everything our students do. By embracing Christian principles, students acquire the ability to adjust and achieve in every changing family, social, and political structures.

Faith formation is the cornerstone of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School. Students begin and end the day with prayer, participate in daily religion classes, and attend weekly Mass. An emphasis on individual prayer, personal respect, teamwork, honesty, loyalty, and integrity are integral parts of every academic and social interaction.

Academic excellence is enhanced with a strong emphasis on a basic core curriculum that teaches students how to think and learn independently. Students achieve their fullest potential through a combination of instruction methods intended to meet required basic skills while providing opportunities to challenge the capabilities of each student.

Students are immersed in an environment where respect and acceptance of each individual’s abilities and successes are celebrated allowing our students· to grow morally, spiritually, physically, socially, and academically.



Learners today. Leaders tomorrow.