Faculty & Staff Directory

Bridget Tacquard

Mrs. Tacquard joined us in 2020 to teach English and Language Arts (ELA) to our third through seventh grade students.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Texas A&M and has a secondary certification in English and Spanish.  She believes that learning should be fun or interesting and incorporates information into her classes demonstrating how important it is to master ELA — because it permeates every aspect of life.  Classes focus on looking at current ways ELA is used, and how it relates to the life of the student.

With 11 years of teaching experience, Mrs. Tacquard believes that teaching is very much like parenting.  She instructs and observes and then corrects as necessary, while respecting the learner and providing a dignified chance to start over.  She grew up in Alvin and has been a Santa Fe resident and Lourdes parishioner for over 24 years.  Her four sons range in age from 12 to 19, and she enjoys reading, gardening, attending her sons’ activities, and time at the beach with her husband.

Email: btacquard@ololchurch.org