Faculty & Staff Directory

Marissa Sears

Ms. Sears joined our school in 2015 and has 14 years of teaching experience.  Both her Master of Liberal Arts degree and Bachelor of Arts degree in Music are from the University of St. Thomas.  She is also a Certified Catechist and teaches Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade Religion as well as teaching Music for all grades. Ms. Sears serves a second in command and also leads our technology efforts.

Ms. Sears believes in educating each child according to their needs and caring for the whole child; mind, body and spirit.  She takes pride in creating a bond of trust and honesty with her students.  Her classroom serves as a model for students to be creative, inquisitive, loving and kind to all.

Additionally, Ms. Sears is a professional vocalist and loves to read.  She has many pets, and some even join her in the classroom.  Students definitely enjoy visiting with geckos named Cho and Hermione, St. Augustine, the beta fish, and St. Cecilia and St. Gregory, the guppies.

Email: msears@ololchurch.org